UNIGLOBE Total Travel Solution

UNIGLOBE has a suite of proprietary software tools that enhance the service we offer our agencies in order to help them better serve customers at all levels.

UNIGLOBE Quality Assurance Programme
maintains and makes available all traveller profiles, as well as automatically checking and approving all bookings. It also includes the following services: 

     - Seat Finder continually searches flight databases to ensure that customers have the best possible access to ‘wait listed’ seats.

     - Fare Finder constantly compares our customers’ routes and preferences with all available alternatives to ensure best value.

     - Quality Check makes sure that all bookings conform to your customers’ travel policies, checks booking details for continuity and accuracy from departure to arrival
       and checks for all inclusions and entitlements (e.g. limousine services, free hotel room, etc.) to improve each and every trip.

  •   UNIGLOBE Faresearch has access to 650+ airlines, and fares available from elsewhere in the UNIGLOBE World to maintain a constant watch on our negotiated fares with real time updating of new deals, promotions or amendments.





  UNIGLOBE On-line Management Reporting permits a rapid overview of current, future and past travel expenditures, and a great deal more functionality can be accessed through Exception Reports – all online



  UNIGLOBE Essential Access is pre-loaded with all of your customers' travel policies and preferences and is the quickest and easiest way for clients to make their own online travel bookings – and be assured of best value too.


  UNIGLOBE Hotel Exclusives is an online hotel bookings service which gives access to some 7,000 hotels worldwide offering discounts of up to 70% and preferential service – including nominal fees for last minute cancellation.