The Difference

The travel benefits that a client gets and/or finds in using UNIGLOBE® Travel International and in particular UNIGLOBE® Nozulu Travel are:


1.         A Global Travel Agency

§         800+ Uniglobe outlets in the world

§         Unmatched local & international buying power i.e. airlines, car hire, hotels

§         WORLDSIM: Free Global roaming cell-phone sim card


2.         Since 1979 in travel business & technology development

§         Technology access +650 airlines & +50 000 hotels

§         e-tracker technology tracks unused tickets

§         Global 24/7 emergency assistance services [missed flights, lost luggage, lost credit card, urgent hotel changes] – NEVER TRAVEL ALONE


3.         24/7 Global automated flight searches

§         Seconds automated web based technology flight search

§         eliminates flight & airport waitlist: seconds automated flight searches

§         eliminates human manual flight searches


4.         Secured on-line booking system

(Provided to clients who wish to do own travel bookings]

§         No software installation costs/royalties

§         Access Uniglobe Global state of the art travel booking technology/system

§         Access +650 airlines & +50 000 hotels


5.         24/7 on-line & web based Financial Reports

§         full on-line financial reports on company & employees’/individual travel financial spend/travel


6.         Responsible Global Travel Citizen

§         Social contributions

§         Creating opportunities for disadvantaged communities

§         Environmental sensitive travel

§         Ethics


As specialists in the Business Travel Market, be assured of a first class Travel Management service.