UNIGLOBE® Nozulu Travel is a private company registered in South Africa.  UNIGLOBE® Nozulu Travel is an integrated part of and a franchise of the UNIGLOBE® Travel International. UNIGLOBE® Travel International was established in 1979 in Canada.  UNIGLOBE® Travel International is the largest single brand travel franchise group in the world with approximately 00 outlets in more than 80 countries, including in African countries.

There are currently 12 UNIGLOBE® regions around the world that service Belgium and Luxembourg, the British Isles, Canada, China, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Czech Republic, Slovenia, Moldova and Romania, Italy, Mexico & Central America, the Netherlands, the South Asia sub-continent, Sub-Saharan Africa, and the USA. Expansion into other countries is continuing at a progressive pace.

Travel (Sub Saharan Africa) has more than 72 franchised outlets in Africa, 40 outlets in South Africa, Swaziland, and Botswana, 22 in Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Nigeria, Namibia and Ghana.


As part of a network of over nine hundred agencies, the combined gross sales of UNIGLOBE® Travel International in Africa was approximately R600 million in 2006, and it is estimated that it will be over R1 billion by 2011. Globally our sales [UNIGLOBE® Travel International], as of 2010, exceed $3 billion. UNIGLOBE® Travel International is also one of the largest travel management companies in Great Britain.


In 30 years UNIGLOBE® Travel International has grown to become the leading provider of consumer direct travel services for the business and leisure traveller. The UNIGLOBE® Travel International business is globally recognised and a consumer brand with a proven reputation and trustworthiness and, most importantly, its single set of service standards around the globe makes it the partner of choice for leading corporations and vacation travellers. It has grown to become the leading provider of consumer direct travel services for the business and leisure traveller.

Travel International global sales figures, its global consumer reach, its global buying power, delivers to the South African travel market access to global travel savings that are unmatched by any other travel company in South Africa. This global travel savings and global reach of UNIGLOBE® Travel International, gives Nozulu Travel an excellent opportunity to successfully tap into the South African, Regional, and international travel business market.


Nozulu Travel’s registration status, systems, operations, training, licence operations, are all linked and aligned to the UNIGLOBE® Travel International.